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One of the largest showrooms of new and used piano’s in the Midlands. We are a family business established for over 30 years. We sell both new and used pianos and believe it is important to offer a wide range of makes to choose from. By getting to know the best pianos to stock and preparing them to a high standard, we have built up a great deal of knowledge and expertise over the years. We always offer a warm and friendly welcome, Jon & Chris.

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 Piano review:- Yamaha

One of the world's most well-known brands, Yamaha Pianos date back over 100 years to 1900 when they crafted the first Yamaha piano. This gives their pianos a rich heritage along with years of dedicated development and innovation for which they are renowned. There are several model series to the Yamaha acoustic range and each one provides the characteristic fine bright tone that gives great clarity and definition.

This hallmark Yamaha sound is present on many popular music recordings and Yamaha have received many endorsements from musicians around the world including popular musicians Elton John and Jamie Cullum, and classical pianists HJ Lim and Maria Joao Perez. You can see the many endorsements and affiliations on the Yamaha website.

Yamaha Concert Promo

Brand History

The Yamaha Corporation began with the manufacture of pianos well before they made motor bikes and all the other products. The longevity of the Yamaha brand brings with it a constant innovation and refinement with their instruments improving every year. Between this drive for development and the traditional handing down of knowledge from one generation to the next, the Yamaha brand ensures that the character and excellence of tone and reliability is delivered from each piano.

Playing a Yamaha Piano

Yamaha have a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental protection and have maintained an ISO 14001 certification at each manufacturing plant. Their long history of production is testament to this awareness and responsibility of management and resources.

Key features

Tone and Materials

From selecting and working with woods to their careful design, every step of the Yamaha manufacturing process has evolved over their long history. This produces an evenness that is evident in their tonal quality and balanced, responsive touch. This balanced response across the keyboard enables the pianist to achieve an equality of expression for any given piece of music.

Playing a Yamaha Piano   Hammers on a Yamaha Grand Piano

Our bespoke preparation work aspires to make these qualities the best that they can be. Within this process we consider your own preference for touch and tone which makes for a personally and professionally prepared instrument.

Learn more about our specialist preparation work here.

Silent and Disklavier

With a history of innovation Yamaha were one of the first companies in the world to incorporate digital technology into the traditional acoustic piano instrument. With their Silent, TransAcoustic, and Disklavier products they provide almost unlimited flexibility in their application for practice, recording, and song writing.

Yamaha Silent Piano Logo  Yamaha Disklavier Silent Piano logo

Playing a Yamaha Silent Piano  Yamaha CFX Silent Sampling promo

See our dedicated silent piano page for more information and details here.


The style of a traditional piano with modern flourishes and refinements, this is the Yamaha design. Over their long history they have maintained the recognised shapes and features and brought them into modern design with slow fall keyboards and stylistic choices.

Yamaha YUS5  Yamaha C3X grand piano side view


Yamaha have several series and differences between them can be subtle, so it is important to compare them first-hand to make the right choice. We can help you to discover the right option for you from our years of experience. Our skilled bespoke voicing preparation can be especially useful to tailor the tone to your own preference.

See more about our specialist preparation work here.

Upright Pianos

B Series

Yamaha B1 upright pianoThe B Series offers the quality and sound of the Yamaha brand at an affordable price point. You can rest easy with over 100 years of manufacturing experience producing a dependable instrument, a bright and dynamic sound and excellent playability. (Image: Yamaha B1)

P Series

Yamaha P121 upright pianoThe P series are mid-range pianos and use a premium grand piano grade European spruce soundboard. The tonal improvements are noticeable with a greater dynamic range and depth. P series pianos come with a more traditional style cabinet and key fall in a detailed design befitting of a European inspired instrument. (Image: Yamaha P121)

U Series

Yamaha U1 upright pianoThe U series is considered a benchmark in quality worldwide and has an expansive sound board with a rich resonant voice. This series has been adopted around the world by many educational institutions for its tonal quality and durability. (Image:Yamaha U1)

YUS Series

Yamaha YUS5 upright pianoThe YUS series is a premium range with elegant cabinet design and draws on the experience of the SU flagship series. With greater tonal quality, projection and resonance these uprights begin to approach a grand piano sound by using grand piano grade hammer felt and are adjusted by Yamaha master craftsmen during production. The YUS5 even has a grand piano style music rack and Ivorite keys. (Image: Yamaha YUS5)

SE and SU series

The SE Series caters to lovers of the European tone by using Europe-sourced materials and parts which delivers an exceptionally balanced tone from pianissimo to fortissimo.

The SU Series present the best that Yamaha has to offer in an upright piano using the finest materials and are hand-built by master craftsmen who work on the acclaimed CFX concert grands. This upright piano delivers a very high level of quality in tone, resonance and balance with additional responsiveness from its extended key length.

Grand Pianos

GB and GC Series

Yamaha GB1 grand piano in polished walnutYamaha grand pianos begin with the GB1 4'11'' model which allows you to experience the wonder of the grand piano on a medium budget. (Image: Yamaha GB1 in Polished American Walnut)

The GC series offers the next step in value and is based on the C1 concert piano frame. They have an increased specification with a full duplex scale, and high-quality materials.

CX Series

Yamaha C3X grand pianoThe CX Series of grand pianos inherit the legacy of the Yamaha CFX concert grands with their structural design and manufacture through to their tonal quality, sustain, and harmony. The CX series really shows the importance of the Yamaha legacy and commitment to the development of the acoustic piano. (Image: Yamaha C3X)

S series and CFX concert grand

The premium hand-built S Series concert grands have sound, tone, and craftsmanship which are the very highest available from a Yamaha grand piano. These exclusive pianos culminate in the legendary CFIIIS concert grand piano at the pinnacle of the range heard in concert halls around the globe.

Our Stock

We are main dealers for Yamaha in the UK and stock a broad range of models including the B, P, and U series uprights, and GB and GC series grands, which we think represent excellent price points in the range. We also stock Silent Piano models so that you can experience this new technology which is available across the range.

By stocking selected models at different levels, you can compare and evaluate them in person, whether you are beginner, advanced or professional. In our quiet and relaxed showrooms, we can help you select the right option with our years of experience.

Once the choice is made our skilled preparation work can tailor the individual piano that you will have into a unique and personalised instrument.

Please get in touch if there are other finishes, models, or sizes that you may be interested in. We may have them in stock or as a main UK dealer we are able to order these directly from Yamaha. Any orders come to us direct before delivery to you and will still benefit from our skilled work and personalised service.

Top:  Yamaha B1, Yamaha B2, Yamaha B3,   Bottom: Yamaha P121, Yamaha U35

  Top:  Yamaha B1,  Yamaha B2,   Yamaha B3.     Bottom: Yamaha P121, Yamaha U35

Yamaha GB1, Yamaha GB2, in Walnut, Yamah GC2

  Yamaha GB1, Yamaha GB2, in Walnut, Yamah GC2

Please feel free to contact us for more information or specifications of Yamaha pianos

on 01536 710529 or at


Until the 31st of March 2024 Yamaha are offering customers who buy a brand-new B-Series piano up to £500 cash back on their purchase. This offer is designed to support your musical journey when buying your first piano and is only available in store. It includes all standard acoustic piano models as well as B-Series Silent and TransAcoustic models.

This showroom only offer is available with a Yamaha Music ID and exclusive offer code which you can sign up to receive directly from Yamaha via the link below. You can also do this in our showroom, and we will walk you through it.

To create a Yamaha Music ID and get your offer code click here

One lucky customer from Yamaha’s campaign will also win back the full purchase cost of their brand-new B-Series piano!

This offer is subject to availability and order time, please get in touch for more information and to answer any questions you may have.