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One of the largest showrooms of new and used piano’s in the Midlands. We are a family business established for over 30 years. We sell both new and used pianos and believe it is important to offer a wide range of makes to choose from. By getting to know the best pianos to stock and preparing them to a high standard, we have built up a great deal of knowledge and expertise over the years. We always offer a warm and friendly welcome, Jon & Chris.

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Josef’s Pianos

5 - 7 Bridge Street



NN14 6EW

Tel: 01536 710529

Viewing by appointment only

Same day usually available

Monday to Saturday

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Sunday & evenings

also possible

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 Silent Pianos

What is a Silent Piano?

Silent pianos, sometimes called hybrid or anytime pianos, combine the traditional acoustic instrument with digital technology to produce an exciting new solution for practicing and recording music. These remain a real acoustic piano but with the added advantage of being able to practice silently and record your playing.

Using sophisticated sensors, the internal piano action is monitored, and your touch and expression is converted into digital information. Using this generated information, the on-board sound module plays back high-quality recorded samples at the appropriate pitch and velocity.

You can easily switch between the acoustic or silent digital mode at anytime.

Silent Pianos in Practice

With the application of digital technology in silent pianos your traditional acoustic piano is given a whole host of new abilities. The most favoured applications are silent practice and recording music compositions.

The silent system can be engaged for completely silent practice enabling you to practice at any time of the day or even night. This brings great flexibility to the times that the piano can be played and learned to enable greater use and dedication.

Practice can also be enhanced by the ability to record and playback your piano playing which adds greatly to the ability to accurately review your own progress using on-board memory or a USB storage device.

You can also play using the different instrument voices included in the silent piano sound module, including organ, strings, harpsichord, electric piano and more. All the sounds from the silent piano can be heard through either headphones or external speakers.

Connecting to other devices.

With audio Line In and Out connections the silent piano can be attached to an amplifier and speakers for playback of different voices and backing tracks for special performances. The Line In can accept other analogue audio such as an MP3 player, CD player or computer, allowing for backing tracks and vocal accompaniment.

Using the dedicated MIDI connection, USB to Host, and Line Out on the silent pianos you can record music with a sequencer, DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or other music program on a computer or in a professional studio. The MIDI data sent from the silent piano can then be edited and re-arranged on the computer. The MIDI connection also allows you to use virtual instruments (VST’s) from your own audio program with the silent piano as a MIDI controller. This allows you to take advantage of the traditional touch and feel of the acoustic piano action and keys when working with MIDI.

Some silent pianos can also connect wirelessly to other devices via Bluetooth, to transmit audio and midi data, and sometimes wi-fi with additional adaptors.

Some silent piano systems have apps on mobile devices that can control the various features of the silent pianos and these can be used to select the playback sound and customise some settings.

Our Stock – Yamaha Silent Piano and Kawai Anytime ATX3

There are silent options on most makes and models of pianos. We stock silent pianos from both Yamaha and Kawai due to their quality, reputation and fantastic technical support. This gives you a great opportunity to compare the two makes side by side. Both companies have a history of manufacturing digital pianos and this shows in their advancement of the technology in recent years with innovations by both brands.

Silent Piano Comparison

The silent pianos remain a traditional acoustic piano at heart and as with any piano we very much recommend comparing the natural tone and touch of the makes available, as much comes down to the personal choice of the player.

There are also detailed differences in the digital capabilities of the silent pianos and we can help you explore which feature set will best suit your needs.

It is also worth noting that the preparation work we do here before delivery is even more important on a silent instrument, as there are usually different technical adjustments required. You can read more about this specialist work here.

For further information please phone us or call in and we would be happy to advise on the available models and provide further specifications to help you compare.

Contact us here more information or see directions to the shop here.

Kawai ATX3 Touch Panel

Kawai ATX3 Connection Panel

Yamaha SH2 Control  Panel

Kawai Hybrid Piano Offer - until 31st August 2023

This summer Kawai Pianos UK are running a special contribution offer on their hybrid acoustic pianos. You can save up to £1,000 on selected models purchased until the 31st of August. If you have been thinking of purchasing or upgrading to a hybrid silent piano now couldn't be a better time to take advantage of this offer.

This offer is available to individuals and institutions and applies to hybrid pianos from the ATX4 and Aures2 range in polished ebony finish with brass hardware. We currently have a Kawai K-300 Aures2 in our showroom with savings of £600 and we can order any model listed below.Get in touch today if you would benefit from this amazing offer from Kawai and we can guide you through the options available.